Through extensive research and testing we have built small multi-rotor helicopters outfitted with stabilized, high definition video and still cameras. These are remote controlled and piloted by experienced cameramen who know how to get the shot. We are able to fly where traditional aircraft can not, creating an affordable cinematic experience.

We shoot true 1080p - 60fps HD video and, most importantly, provide a complete turnkey product. Our team of award winning producers, directors and IT/Web Developers give you edited, color corrected, cinematic quality video packaged for any delivery system. We support all high quality web and broadcast formats. We also provide post-production services for your video including motion graphics, titling, sound design and film scoring. We don't just hand you a piece of unedited tape, we deliver a well-crafted cinematic experience, aimed at your audience.

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Aerial videography for photography Realtors, Architects, Engineers, Landscapers, Law Enforcement, Insurance Companies, Arborists, Environment Impact Studies, Urban Planners, Open Space Initiatives, Resorts and TV and Movie Producers

The benefits of small radio controlled mutli-rotor copters are many. We can fly at a moments notice in very close proximity to the subject where manned aircraft simply can't. We are cost effective unlike spidercams or cranes. We leave no footprint. Our copters run quiet, using battery power. They weigh less than 5 pounds and do not disrupt the surrounding environment with wind, noise or exhaust. We can even fly indoors!

Live realtime view from the camera as we shoot, so you can see or direct! If you are interested in the structural integrity of a bridge or building, you can direct the flight to be sure we capture your shot.

Specific Uses

Real estate - homes for sale. See the property from a unique angle. Have a look at the neighborhood. See architectural details and what that 3rd floor Queen Anne window really looks like.

- Home inspections - look at roofs, chimneys, facades, exteriors of 2nd and 3rd floors
- Commercial real estate - Get a close-up view before you build your scaffolding… or go where YOU don't want to. Snow on roofs, Lighting, Structural, Wires
- Bridges or overhead structures - Get in quickly with out scaffolding and asses damage and determine if you need to repair.

Promotional Video - Golf Courses, Resorts, Cities and Towns, Events, Parks…There is nothing like being there. How about flying over the resorts pool and beaches or getting a "ballseye" view of the 18th hole of your favorite golf course.

Site Inspection - new construction, public and private construction sites, property analysis

Urban Planners - Site inspection, before and after shots

Law Enforcement - collecting forensic data, crime scene inspection, seeing the big picture.

Insurance Companies - damage inspection, hazard materials areas, property records

Landscapers and Arborists - Tree inspections, tracking invasive species and forestry management

Personal - Show off your home or boat from the air!